Bpm’online is recognized as a winner in the

CRM Watch List 2019 Award

Bpm'online - Winner CRM Watch List 2019

The CRM Watch List Award recognizes organizations that have had the most impact in the customer-focused technological world in 2018 and will probably remain in the coming years. Bpm’online, which has won four times in the past, is once again the winner as one of the leading CRM vendors.

The winners of the awards have been selected from 73 CRM technology providers who have submitted applications. The evaluation was based on several criteria that fully describe the impact of an organization on the CRM market. Customer Engagement, customer success, Accountgebaseerde marketing, integrated and comprehensive CRM, conversational interfaces and Influencerprogramma’s are some notable trends of interest that were identified when it came to how the Technology suppliers to the world and acted there.

“Your impact in a market is the basis for this price. If your company wins, it is because they did not only have an impact in the previous year, but that impact will remain at least two or three years. ” -Said Paul Greenberg. “The company must be well-rounded: it has financial stability, solid management, excellent products and services, excellent culture and a strong partner ecosystem to support its efforts. It should have a clear vision and mission and also clear strategies for outreach to get external forces – customers, analysts, journalists, prospects, influencers, etc. -Committed. “

“We are very honored that Bpm’online was chosen for the fifth time as the winner of the CRM Watch list,” said Katherine Kostereva, CEO and Managing Partner at Bpm’online. “This recognition is a tribute to the hard work that our team provides to deliver the most up-to-earth products that accelerate the” Customer Journey “and the changes for thousands of customers and hundreds of partners around the world.”

Bpm’online is the most flexible CRM platform for medium-sized and large enterprises to accelerate sales, marketing, service and processes. Marketing, sales and service on a single CRM platform with interconnected processes, Bpm’online provides users with comprehensive tools to manage a complete customer journey, from first contact to customer service aftercare. This gives customers of bpm’online a competitive edge and tools to keep pace with the rate of market shift.

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